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Baby Girl or Boy Banner-with-a-T, Sibling to Miles and Lucy

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Posted on: November 22, 2020

Hi Swistle,

I am writing on behalf of my brother and sister-in-law, with their blessing of course, to see if your baby name expertise can help with this conundrum!

They have two children already, a girl and a boy.

Miles John (5)

Lucy Samantha (3)

Their surname is Banner-with-a-T. This will most likely be their last child. The dilemma is that unlike the rest of my siblings, my brother decided not to follow the hyphenated girls’ names tradition that my family has had for generations with Lucy, which has deeply upset my mother.

Neither my brother or his wife care for this tradition and have decided to sway from it. Although I personally like it, and used it for all my kids, I can understand their thinking.

This has however caused a rift, as my mother is insisting they hyphenate, as this will probably be her last grandchild. For this reason, my brother seems to be hoping for a boy, to avoid the hyphenation fight that will almost certainly happen.

Onto actual names, they have a rather short list of ones they like. If it’s a girl, they want the middle name to be Evelyn, after her mother, and if it is a boy, Charles.

their list is as follows:





Which of these go best with Miles and Lucy? What about the hyphenation problem? Any ideas? They could really use your advice O wise Swistle, and with the due date coming up in early January we’re running out of time. Please help find a name for my niece or nephew!

Thanks so much


We are starting with the absolute assumption that we are completely ignoring your mother and what she wants other people to name their babies. “Last grandchild” is irrelevant and has nothing to do with anything: your brother and sister-in-law have decided not to use this tradition, and THAT is what matters here. Plus, it would be very odd to NOT follow the tradition for a first girl, and then follow it for the second, leaving one single girl-grandchild out. Your mother can rest happily knowing that her daughter’s household (and all the rest of her children’s households, apparently, however many that is) DID choose to follow the tradition, and that’s going to have to be good enough for her. And it makes more sense that a girl-with-a-hyphenated-name would grow up and continue that with her daughters, rather than that a boy whose name DOESN’T follow the tradition would skip it a generation down to his daughters. Anyway, we’re leaving that whole topic behind: they’ve made their decision, which was THEIR decision to make, not your mom’s, as your mom MUST realize; or if she doesn’t, it may be time for someone to say it to her very firmly before she makes everyone else “deeply upset.” We need make sure we are accurately identifying the issue: your brother and sister-in-law’s choice not to use a naming tradition is not what is causing the rift; your mother’s inappropriate insistence on the tradition (and her apparent threat to cause a fight if it doesn’t, to the extent that your brother and his wife are HOPING FOR A BOY) is what is causing the rift. Is this her intention? Is the naming tradition more important to her than her relationship with her son, her daughter-in-law, and her grandchildren?


Looking at the girl list, I’d remove Piper: not only does it seem like an outlier for their usual style, it also repeats the ending of the surname.

All three of the others work well in the set. If it were entirely up to me, I’d probably remove Emma just because it’s so much more common (and was #1 for so long), but I don’t feel strongly about it. The repeating -u- sound of Lucy and June could be a plus or a minus, depending on the beholder. I worry slightly about getting the sounds swapped and saying Juicy and Loon, but that may be my heightened baseline election/pandemic anxiety talking. My own first choice would be June without that issue; with that issue, I’d pick Ella. I like the way all three siblings would have a nice strong L sound, but without the names feeling too similar to each other. Miles, Lucy, and Ella.

From the boy name list, the one that stands out to me as a brother name for Miles is Leo—but I don’t like Lucy and Leo together as much. Noah feels like quite a different style, and shares the popularity issue of Emma. That leaves us with Max and Finn. I personally would choose Finn, but I can see the appeal of Max; it just feels very casual/nicknamey to me next to Miles.

I’m inclined to look a little more for a boy name. Simon is a name that I think goes well with Miles and also with Lucy: Miles, Lucy, and Simon.

Or wait, maybe Theo? Similar to Leo, but better with Lucy. Miles, Lucy, and Theo.

Or Felix: similar to Max, but two syllables and doesn’t repeat an initial. Miles, Lucy, and Felix.

Ooo, Reid! Miles, Lucy, and Reid.

Or Elliot! Miles, Lucy, and Elliot. Like Ella, but longer! (I would not do this same thing with Emma/Emmett: the -tt of Emmett blends into the surname to make it sound like Emma.)

Or Nolan. Similar in sound to Noah, but with a little more heft and a little less usage. Miles, Lucy, and Nolan.

Or Calvin. Miles, Lucy, and Calvin.

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