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Teresa Palmer is an actress currently starring in the hit TV series A Discovery of Witches. She’s also been in movies like Hacksaw Ridge and has a dedicated following on her website Your Zen Mama. While juggling her three children and step-son, TV and other commitments, Teresa and her bestie Sarah Wright Olsen have written a book called […]

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The famous mom opened up about parenting in lockdown, homeschooling, giving back and more during the coronavirus pandemic.

A guide to buying fruits, veggies and herbs online so you can start a garden from scratch.

Giving birth while there’s a COVID-19 outbreak is stressful. And many new parents feel incredibly alone.

If you’re shopping for an older parent this Mother’s Day, here are a few recommendations that aren’t flowers.

Headaches, chills, loss of taste or smell have joined the list after being repeatedly observed in coronavirus patients.

More anxiety, social media and alone time during the coronavirus pandemic can take a toll on your body image.

One of the most important things you can do on Mother’s Day is relax and spend time with your loved ones. Even if your mama isn’t around, sometimes it’s nice to just be around other moms with shared experiences. But with social distancing as the new normal, mamas are finding creative ways to celebrate the big dayβ€”even far away.

While you might not be able to cook with Grandma in person, play board games with your favorite aunt or book a spa day with your besties, there are other options that are just as fun. In case you need ideas, we asked our Instagram family to share how they’re celebrating the big day.

Hopefully this list will inspire you to start new traditions, and yes, finally unwind.

Here are 26 ways mothers are spending their Mother’s Day:


1. “Hoping for a nap.” β€”@ohnodarlin

2. “Normally I get a spa day but my husband said this year he will be my massage therapist.” β€”@thedanielleevelyn

3. “Prepping for my cesarean the next day! Baby #1” β€”@mssummerwebb

4. “Mother’s day is for my husband to figure out not meβ€”I do plenty!” β€”@amy.knapke


woman eating

5. “Brunch picked up from a nearby restaurant and my husband taking pictures of us at golden hour.” β€”@lindsayeryn

6. “Zoom brunch!” β€”@themindfulmuffin

7. “Have lots of cake with family.” β€”@sarahsharmily

8. “My hubby is making me pancakes.” β€”@hayleyarielle

9. “Hope to have a virtual brunch with my sister, mom and girlfriends. My husband will be the chef and the kids will be the waiters.” β€”@rosiemartinez5

10. “Husband will cook for me, and most likely I will mail my mother flowers.” β€”@ima_beautiful_disaster


woman in garden

11. “Planting flowers.” β€”@lexie_be_chessin

Enjoying the outdoors

Paddle boarding

12. “Paddle boarding! My 3 year old daughter loves going for a bit then I go alone for a bit!” β€”@nashmitten

13. “Hopefully going to the park and seeing grandma and grandpa from a distance.” β€”@kristinabarko

Spending time with family

Spending time with family

14. “Playing ‘hide and seek’ but then not seeking my kid.” β€”@kristyntwobabies

15. “Lots of cuddles with my 9 month old baby girl.” β€”@irma.iveth.s

16. “Video calling my mom and mother in law to let them know they are going to be grandmas!” β€”@steffaniee22

17. “Reunited with my ER doctor husband after 6 weeks away with our 6 month old.” β€”@mealterie

18. “Taking mother son pics at home with my son to remember this time.” β€”@ginalcaraz

19. “Picnic at a lake nearby with my husband and our kids.” β€”@julie.massana

Showing gratitude


20. “Just being thankful for my healthy baby girl and supportive spouse.” β€”@abigailjoyg

21. “Sending gifts from afar.” β€”@ogryzzlybear

Spending time with yourself

Spending time with yourself

22. “Going for a run alone and eating a peanut butter chocolate shake in my car after!” β€”@jackie_mclean

23. “Getting takeout, going to a secluded place to enjoy it in peace, then read, online shop and relax!” β€”@coletterh


24. “I will be teaching virtual calligraphy classes!” β€”@magenromania

25. “I will be possibly giving birth!” β€”

26. “Sleeping in and painting my toes. Waiting for the arrival of my sweet boy! First time mom 8/22” β€”@haileywheat