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For parents who are expecting a new baby it can be super confusing sifting through all the parenting advice on offer and gathering up all the newborn goodies you need. Sure there will be some lovely stuff you’ll be gifted but there are loads of essentials that no one will think to give you – […]

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Frustrations and emotions were at an all time high for both us. I was worried that my lack of patience would get the best of me, leaving her feeling let down and frustrated with me on her new journey of becoming a “big girl.” And selfishly, I was tired of washing wet underwear. For her part, my daughter was tired of being asked for the hundredth time if she needed to use the potty.

We both were feeling a little defeated in this new adventure.

I have found too often as a mother that I expect my child to respond new things, like to potty training, as fast and as close to the last blog post, book or opinion I heard or read. What I have learned is that no two children are alike and the moment I release my expectations for where mine should or should not be, we are both brought back to peace and patience.

So maybe a break was all we needed to start fresh the next day. We headed to our favorite spot by the lake and had a picnic. My daughter munched on popcorn and chatted away about the weather and pinecones, and listened for the sounds of helicopters—which you hear quite often living on an aviation military base.

Sometimes in the daily struggles of motherhood I have noticed that I can forget who I am and the strength we possess as mothers. It may not come easily at first, but I grow with each new day. Even potty training—this mundane human activity that is emotional and (quite literally) messy, teaches me much about the meaning and purpose of motherhood.

Potty training has taught me a huge lesson on patience. Patience to be present, to pay attention to what is right in front of me. To be encouraging, to not rush the process, to not place expectations on timing or play the comparison game we often play as mothers.

Patience is needed in every area of parenting and potty training is just one way where we can see as parents where our patience is wearing thin.

I have found that it’s when I come from a place of patience and presence that I can then glean wisdom from those messy, mundane, time-consuming tasks of potty training, and find that the waiting, sitting and hours of time spent in the bathroom gives me an opportunity to be present in my child’s world.

Whether it be the grocery line, a traffic jam, or cleaning up wet bedding, I learn the art and joy in the small and big moments in motherhood. Giving our children space to fail and try it again as many times as it takes encourages them that they too can cultivate the gift of patience in there own tiny lives.

My daughter speaks to me everyday, inviting growth that sometimes feels really hard and frustrating, she provokes patience to be felt and sensed through every minute of the day. And for this I am grateful. Because to truly live and be present in my child’s world means “I learn from her, and she learns from me.” Even in potty training.

Our children have so much to offer to who we are as individuals and they have so much to teach us. In fact, I have come to live for these exhausting, beautiful, and downright messy moments in time. When I push myself to embrace them, rather than just find them frustrating, I stretch and grow and evolve. I become the mother I hope to be.

And to you mama, whether in the midst of sleepless newborn nights or toddler tornados or the midst of potty training, may you find strength as a mother, as a wife, and as a person to let go of any expectations or judgements you place upon yourself.

May love and gratitude fill our hearts and peace be with all of us on the journey that motherhood is.

Babies come with a lot of stuff. And when you’re out and about, a roomy, comfy diaper bag is the place for everything you need to be prepared for whatever the day throws your way. But is a cute, trendy diaper bag that doesn’t scream, well… DIAPER BAG, too much to ask? It’s not, mamas.

We’ve rounded up our favorite diaper bags that don’t actually look like diaper bags, but instead like the cute, super stylish bags you might have carried before the days of finding crushed up puffs at the bottom of your purse.

These bags prove you can get the job done, mama—and look darn good while doing it.

Freshly Picked City Pack

Freshly Picked City Pack

This simple, modern backpack can easily take you from a day at work to dinner with the kiddos. We love the hardware details, the lightweight design, and the hidden back pocket.

Vogshow Waterproof Bag

Vogshow Waterproof Diaper Bag

A sleek look, plus a padded laptop compartment, anti-theft and insulated pockets and magnetic buttons instead of zippers. 🙌

Skip Hop Travel Bag

Skip Hop Travel Bag

With a large zippered main compartment, there’s plenty of room to keep all of the things. We love the adjustable straps—you can wear as a backpack, cross-body, messenger bag, or attach to the stroller.

Companion Quilted Backpack

companion quilted backpack diaper bag

Are you off to sit on the beach for a few hours, or taking your toddlers to the zoo? No one will be the wiser, mamas. We love the quilted look, padded straps, and roomy interior.

Mommore Diaper Backpack

Mommore Diaper Backpack

With a water resistant exterior, wet clothes pocket and a main compartment that completely opens up, you’ll love having this to tote around.

JJ Cole Brookmont

JJ Cole Cognac Diaper Bag

As stunning as it is functional. It has 15 pockets and a removable liner on the inside so you can easily clean up messes in no time.

Little Unicorn Boardwalk Tote

If you’re looking to keep things simple + stylish, mamas, this is the bag for you. It’s versatile, functional, and will get tons of use well past the diaper days.

Presidio Vegan Leather Diaper Tote

Presidio Vegan Leather Diaper Tote

This stunning tote would make the perfect on-the-go bag. It comes with a changing page and a couple pockets on the inside to keep everything organized. Don’t forget to personalize it!

Ticent Tote

Ticent Diaper Bag

With nearly 500 reviews, this one has incredible ratings. It offers multiple pockets, including an insulated one for snacks or bottles. The waterproof cotton material is ideal for those inevitable spills.

Fawn Design Original

Stylish and versatile, this bag can be worn as a cross body or as a backpack. It’s roomy without being bulky, and has a total of 10 pockets for awesome storage.

Skip Hop Greenwich Backpack

No one would ever know this bag is packed full of baby’s items. 😉

Rosie Pope Highbury Hill

Highbury Hill Diaper Backpack

If you’re looking to up your style, this chic backpack will help you get there. Lots of inner pockets and zippered compartments make it simple to organize your stuff, and the top flap and wide opening make for quick + easy accessibility.

Babymel Robyn

Babymel Robyn Diaper Backpack

We love everything about this effortlessly stylish faux leather backpack. It’s easy to wipe down, converts to a cross body bag, and even comes with a changing pad and drawstring bottle holder.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Tote

This two-tone canvas bag could not be prettier. We love that it easily stands upright when set down, and that it’s super functional as a diaper bag yet super stylish as an everyday purse.

Skip Hop Duo

Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag

The timeless stripes on this 11-pocket bag means it will never go out of style, and the durable cotton canvas means it will stand up to years of use.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You’ve got this.

Mama of three, Jentri Gilbert Nelson, posted earlier this month on Facebook about the code word she uses with her husband for when she needs some time to herself without the kids or him around. She explains how her husband goes hunting a lot and how she struggled with how often he was gone from their home at first. But they have found a way to make it work. Now when she needs some time alone she also goes “hunting” which in her case means a cozy bath, some time to read her book, or anything related to her self-care.

Honestly, it’s quite genius. And a lot of people seem to agree. Since being published her post has gathered more than 80,000 shares and 15,000 comments. In the comments you can see a lot of mamas tagging other mamas, so maybe Nelson has started a new trend without even realizing it?

The viral post reads:

“I go hunting.

This is a picture of me hunting tonight. No guns. No animals. But I assure you I am hunting.

Let me explain. When I met my husband 9 years ago, he told me that he hunted. He said that girls he dated in the past didn’t care for the amount of time he spent hunting, so he wanted to make sure I knew up front. I explained that I don’t cook and that I never want to cook. That’s a whole other story. 😂

Since that time, we have gotten married, both graduated law school, and had three beautiful children.

I’m not going to lie, I struggled with my husband hunting so often, especially after our children came along. It was hard to be alone with the kids during dove season, deer season, duck season, and turkey season. It took us almost three years to get into a groove.

The last two years have been pretty good. We have learned to compromise. What really helps is that I started hunting. Not with him. Not actual hunting. But on the weekends, after he gets home, I tell him it’s my turn to hunt, which really means I go in the bedroom and read a book or watch TV. I go out to dinner with a girlfriend. I take one of my three babies for a date. Sometimes during the week, I’ll be exhausted. Just completely worn out from the day. I’ll come home and my husband will have supper cooked. Usually, I clean up the dishes, and we take turns with baby baths/bedtime routines.

But I have a complete pass on responsibilities when I really need it, which is usually once or twice a month. All I do is say, “I’m going hunting.” He smiles just smiles and nods. Tonight, I’m in the bath and plan to read a book and go to bed early.

There are no questions asked. He knows I need it or I wouldn’t have said it.

He cleans the dishes after he already cooked. He gives the kids a bath, reads the stories, and tucks them in. He lets me just be for the night. I think Moms often get so busy caring for their babies, husbands and homes that they don’t have time for hobbies or time to themselves.

Ladies, take the time to “hunt.” Husbands, let your wives “hunt” or “play video games” or whatever the hobby is you get to make time for while she cares for your babies. I love my husband, babies and job, but I cherish my time hunting.”

Yes mama, thank you for inspiring us!

For parents who are expecting a new baby it can be super confusing sifting through all the parenting advice on offer and gathering up all the newborn goodies you need. Sure there will be some lovely stuff you’ll be gifted but there are loads of essentials that no one will think to give you – […]

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Who’s the boss

POSTED BY January 31, 2020

Instagram: @prbossbabe
Home: Los Angeles, California
Work: Business owner of a digital marketing agency,
Kiddos: Sofia Skylar, 2 years old and baby boy due this year!
From: Barcelona, Spain
Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan
Style: Simple, comfortable and elegant
Go-to snack: Plant-based protein shake packed with nutrients, superfoods and antioxidants
Cook or takeout: Healthy takeout
Favorite form of exercise: Lifting weights and Pilates
Professional shopper: Basics at Zara or H&M and fun dresses at Revolve

On skin care: I love to take care of my skin above anything, keeping it clear and glow- ing with my morning and night routines—so I can barely use any makeup. A few years back I decided to stop wearing foundation and start working on bettering my skin and not have to hide it.

On baby buys: Honest has great clean products for bath and skin, and I also love Lil’ Lemons and Zara Kids for cute and comfy outfits!

On indulgence: Self-care pampering actions like a massage or facial renew and recharge me—much needed when you are always putting others first.

On career: I’ve had my business for eight years, well before becoming a mom. When I became pregnant, I knew I didn’t want to give up on the business that I worked hard to create. And I knew that keeping up with my business life would help me maintain my identity and keep my brain excited and fueled, which would help me be a better mom. I also knew that I wanted to be there for my daughter—I wanted to be the one raising her. Everyone around me told me it was impossible to keep up with both. So, Mom Boss Life was my way of showing how I kept up with mom-life balance; how I learned to delegate more work to be able to be with my daughter (instead of paying for a day care or nanny), and how that did not stop my business from growing. I wanted to show other moms how—if you want to do both—with tons of planning, organizing and more delegating, it is possible.

On self-care: It does not only mean booking a massage. It can be as simple as going for a walk while listening to music, which can be easily done with our babies in the stroller—or even a 10-minute home facial, which can also be easily done at the end of the day. Or by replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy ones!

On motherhood: The biggest surprise was how Sofia brought more balance to my life than I ever had before. Before becoming a mom, I was working nonstop. I did everything in my business to the tiniest details like errands and research. My days were fully packed with work and a workout break. As soon as I had Sofia, I knew I had to include many other things into my day to be able to be with her: from self-care actions to outdoor activities and social outings. I started to delegate more work and added a perfect balance of activities into my routine.

On you-do-you: Trust your gut and instinct. We won’t all think one way, we won’t all do things one way, and that’s OK. What works for you does not necessarily work for me and vice versa. It’s all about getting ideas and inspirations from others, but at the end of the day doing what works best for you and your family. And listening to your baby’s patterns and needs—they know best, too!

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, $59
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it’s incredible!
Tula Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer, $34
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IMAGE Skincare Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum, $72

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For parents who are expecting a new baby it can be super confusing sifting through all the parenting advice on offer and gathering up all the newborn goodies you need. Sure there will be some lovely stuff you’ll be gifted but there are loads of essentials that no one will think to give you – […]

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When you decide to have a baby, you rarely realise that you have also decided to invest in lots of baby stuff. Once it does dawn on parents-to-be that they are going to spend the foreseeable future obsessing about their child’s health, comfort and happiness, they’re often a little befuddled by the selection of baby […]

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Miscarriage is incredibly common—among women who know they are pregnant, 15 to 20% will have a miscarriage. But just because it’s common, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to know how to cope when you or a friend experience one.

We talked to Dr. Jessica Zucker, a clinical psychologist specializing in women’s reproductive and maternal mental health, and creator of a line of Pregnancy Loss cards, about what to say when it’s hard to find the right words. Zucker, who herself experienced a life-changing miscarriage at 16 weeks pregnant, wants to make it easier for women who miscarry, and their support networks, to cope with this intense experience.

What should you say to a friend who’s just shared the news that she’s had a miscarriage?

Here are 5 phrases to say to a friend who has just had a miscarriage:

1. “I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m here for you.”

“If we keep it simple, I think we convey a greater sense of empathy. We leave more room for authentic connection than if we force our own feelings or beliefs on a friend,” Dr. Zucker says.

2. “Remember you are not alone. Be gentle with yourself.”

Zucker reminds us that “Women want to hear basic, simple, loving words.” Miscarriage can be such a lonely experience to go through, so reminding them that you are there with them can be incredibly helpful.

3. “I’m thinking of you.”

“I send texts to loved ones who have recently experienced pregnancy loss that say, ‘You’ve been in my thoughts—how are you feeling?'” Zucker told us. “Basic sentiments that convey my care and concern for their well-being” go a long way toward making them feel loved.

“When we just keep it simple, we convey a greater sense of empathy and we leave way more room for true connection.”

4. “I love you so much and I imagine you feel [awful] right now, but I just had to remind you of how wonderful I think you are.”

Dr. Zucker said, “These messages can provide a life raft. By allowing someone to be where they are—to be in the dark place for a bit, that to me verifies the depth of the friendship—being willing to journey with your friend through it all.”

5. “Grief knows no timeline. Take all the time you need. I want you to know that if you’d like to talk about your loss, anytime, I’m here. I’m here always.”

As the months move on, it might be important to check in with your friend to see how she’s doing. “It’s not about digging or prodding, but instead it’s about relaying genuine and consistent loving support,” Zucker told us.

And that’s just a start.

If you’re still struggling to find the right words, you want to try to examine your own motivations before you speak, Zucker suggests asking yourself the following: ‘What might I want in this situation?’

“The research states that women tend to blame themselves after pregnancy loss, experiencing feelings of guilt and shame. If we assume women are feeling these unfortunate emotions after a loss, then by reminding people how much we love them, we can help to anchor them during this difficult time in their lives.”

And just as important as saying the “right things” at this time is avoiding words that perhaps are well-intended, but can be hurtful in the midst of loss.

Here are 5 phrases not to say to a friend who has mad a miscarriage:

1. “Look on the bright side.”

When people are grieving, it’s important and ultimately healing to allow them to stay in their grief. Avoid rushing them through the process to happier times ahead, and instead offer to be with them, right where they are.

2. “You must be devastated.”

Zucker says, “When you want to say ‘you must be devastated,’ in a way you are projecting what you think other people might feel. Instead, listen to where they are and inquire about how [they are] doing.”

3. “At least you know you can get pregnant.”

“Your friend wanted this baby and is mourning this baby, reminds Dr. Zucker. “This statement is often just hurtful. [It] is also short-sighted because we don’t know that she can necessarily get pregnant again. It’s important to stick with feelings rather than predicting her reproductive future.”

4. “I guess it wasn’t meant to be /This is God’s plan/ Everything happens for a reason.”

According to Dr. Zucker, “These are some of the frequently-stated platitudes that sting rather than support. They don’t accurately address feelings, but rather minimize the complex experience of pregnancy loss.”

We cannot assume what one’s spiritual feelings about a loss are, so it’s best not to make assumptions.

5. “You look amazing—you look like you were never pregnant!”

After pregnancy loss, stay away from complimenting her body, Zucker suggests. “Your friend might think: ‘I wish I were pregnant right now so telling me I don’t look pregnant doesn’t feel good and reminds me I’m no longer pregnant.”

The big lesson when supporting a friend through miscarriage

Every woman who goes through pregnancy loss has her own unique experience. Zucker explains: “One’s grieving process might invoke her family history, previous experience of loss, as well as social support and coping skills.”

But there are some words that are generally more helpful than others—and there are some words that can unintentionally cause pain even though you might mean well.

Your best bet is to approach your friend with genuine empathy, trying to understand her needs in that moment, and letting her know that you’re there for her. And you would do well to remember that she may need support—perhaps even more—as the months go on.

And if you find yourself for some reason unable to say anything to a friend—you can always send one of Zucker’s super-helpful pregnancy loss cards. Sending one can help convey what words cannot.

Dr. Jessica Zucker